What should I expect when I come in to get a new piercing?

We will generally start by talking to you about what piercing you want, and what jewelry options you have.  Some piercings do require a bit more of a consultation to ensure that the anatomy you want pierced is suitable for a successful long-term piercing.  

After we have figure that out, and you have selected your jewelry we will sterilize everything needed, and have you initial an integrator.  The integrator serves as proof that the autoclave reached the appropriate time and temperature to effective sterilize your items.  This will be shown to you prior to the piercing.  

After you have finished up paperwork you will be taken to a piercing room where you will be cleaned, marked, and prepped.   All of our piercers take care to give you notice before the actual piercing occurs so it will not be a surprise.  Then you get to check out your new piercing!