Downtown Canton Is Open!

Today we open the door on Modern Ritual’s Canton location!

It didn’t happen at all as planned, but regardless we are very happy with the outcome. We are excited to join the Downtown Canton community, and hope to contribute to it’s amazing Arts District.

I want to thank the folks that helped get this place running quickly during a stressful time. From late night cleaning, to ceiling tile snafus, stainless steel and Liquid Nail parties, and of course caulk. I can say that it was way more fun with all of you.

To Clifton Boggs and the entire crew at Eulogy Tattoo, thank you for your kindness and hospitality. You folks are seriously awesome!

Finally, I want to thank all of our clients, colleagues, family, and friends for their continued support while we shuffled things around.
Our grand opening party is May 6th which is a First Friday so come prepared to boogie. We are officially open for business today so if you want to beat the crowd stop on down.