Intra-Oral Aftercare

  1. Your piercing is going to begin to swell as soon as you get pierced. There are many ways to reduce swelling including.  If you decide to use any over the counter anti-inflammatory, please consult your doctor first!
  2. For the first few days, avoid eating foods that are hot in both temperature and spiciness; colder, softer foods will feel more soothing to your piercing, and will be easier for you to eat. This being said, listen to your body!  If it hurts stop eating it.  
  3. Do not smoke for two weeks.  The suction has a chance of tearing your piercing, and the contents you smoke will delay the healing process considerably.  This includes vaporizers, and e-cigarettes.
  4. Do not drink alcohol for 2 weeks.  Alcohol will irritate the fresh tissue around your piercing, possibly causing a delay in healing.
  5. No oral contact of any kind for 6 weeks. Your new piercing is an open wound until it has healed. This could increase the risks of getting sick, or become infected with communicable diseases through oral contact with anyone else. Oral contact includes kissing, oral sex, sharing anything that has been in contact with someone’s mouth, including public water fountains.  
  6. 2 times a day use an alcohol-free oral rinse on the piercing.  Rinse according to manufacturers instructions.  Rinse with clean bottled water after eating or drinking for the first two weeks. 
  7. Intra-oral piercings take anywhere from 9-12 weeks to heal. If you have been pierced with larger jewelry to accommodate swelling, you may be able to change the jewelry as early as two weeks, depending on the piercing and how well the piercing is healing.  Please come see us at this time so we may install properly sized jewelry with causing as little trauma to the healing tissue as possible. 

Modern Ritual

Your body jewelry is guaranteed for life from any manufacturing defects.  All you have to do is bring the jewelry back to us and we will replace it.
If you have purchased the all-inclusive piercing, your piercing is also guaranteed for life.  You must bring the card and jewelry that were given to you at the time you were pierced.  If you do not have these items you will have to pay full price.

If you have any issues with your piercing or jewelry, please contact us immediately.
You are welcome to call or come in and see us anytime, and we suggest a follow up appointment with your piercer one month from the date of service.