How should I stretch (gauge) my piercing?

First, you will hear stretching referred to as gauging quite often, and while that terminology may be incorrect we do understand that it is very common place.  For the purposes of this FAQ we will be referring to the process as stretching.  

Stretching is a process that is well suited for some piercings and not as well suited for others.  For instance, maybe an earlobe is a better candidate for stretching then say an eyebrow.  

To speak simply, stretching is a process where you install larger and larger jewelry into a piercing in order to expand the opening.  Stretching is not a race.  Please for the health of your piercings keep this in mind.  While it may be tempting to stretch quickly to fit the jewelry of your dreams, keeping a slow pace will make for a happier and healthier piercing in the end.  

You can stretch with a variety of materials, and there are also some to stay away from.  We suggest only using non-porous materials such as, glass, implant grade steel, implant grade titanium, and some types of stone.  Materials that we would definitely stay away from are, woods, plastics, silicone, and anything that has a coating.