Age Requirements

Most Body Piercings

Our general age guideline is 14 years old and up for anything beyond ear lobe piercings.  However, we do make some exceptions based on a consultation with the client and their guardian. 

Ear Lobe Piercings

We require verbal consent from all of our clients.  We get lots of requests for infant earlobe piercings, and while we appreciate that parents are beginning to be aware of the safety issues from establishments that rely on piercing guns, we do suggest waiting until they are old enough to be aware and give consent.  If you do insist on getting them done please check with your pediatrician, as many will perform the piercings for your little one. It is our belief that our clients, no matter their age, have the final say in whether they get a piercing.  So please be aware we will not force or coerce your child into doing something they don’t want to do, and ask you to behave the same way.  

Genital and Nipple Piercings

Client must be 18 years or older.  There are no exceptions to this rule.